Venue – church (4) final?

Last weekend we took a longish trip to check some churches finally. Some were rather large, tough very nice, but it would look slightly awkward to have less than 100 people trying to fill a space for 500/1000/1200…

Here are few shots from the trip.


Main track

Even though making this wedding happen is gaining importance in our lives, there are other things too 🙂 For everyday happenings (including non-wedding craft) follow my other blog here.

Bling bling!

Engagement ring photos… I felt like playing with the camera.

Lace or chiffon…

If I’m here already, I might just add that I started my dress hunt. One of the few things I am NOT going to create myself.

My parents visited recently so I used the time to make a quick visit to a salon with my mum. I never had a prom dress or anything remotely looking like a fancy dress, so I had no idea of what shape suits and what doesn’t (and of course I plan a healthy, active lifestyle to get toned up a bit).

As it turns out (surprise, surprise), I am not a conventional shape. I do fit a size 8 dress (never thought I would!), but need some alterations around the bust area and would need shortening as well, as I’m kinda short. So all in all, will probably end up getting it custom made.

I’m definitely not a princessy type bride, so big ball gowns are out of question. Those wouldn’t fit in the atmosphere anyways. I rather go for a slim A-line. I do fancy something light and airy, without shine, so I thought of chiffon first, but I think my heart is set on something with lace. That would give a vintage feel to the dress and would work well in the counrtyside…

Agile… project planning

If you studied management or something related you must have come across Gantt charts and other similar things. I quite like them, you do need things being put down, know who will do what and when, what do you need, etc… but these are just project planning tools.

Now, h2b is at home in IT, and they have something called the agile software development method. I won’t go into details, since this is not an IT blog – you can read more here if you wish, but we are going to apply this method to our wedding planning.

If you are not afraid of learning something new and seemingly totally irrelevant stuff, here is how it’s done (it’s quite funny and suits DIY weddings pretty well).

Hello blogworld!

I got engaged! Yaaay 😀

I almost thought it would never happen 😉 Anyways, I’m super excited about organising/creating our wedding. OUR wedding. It is not going to be very straightforward though, since my fiance is from Finland, I am from Hungary and at the moment we are living in Scotland…

Nevertheless, I already have some ideas (which girl doesn’t?) that I would like to do/have at the wedding, but since most of it is going to be DIY, I though it would be a good idea to share my experience and ideas with other fellow craft enthusiasts/low budget brides out there.

I plan to create all the stationary, decor, gifts, etc myself… (not THE dress) with occasional help and useful input from the hubby-to-be. I have about a year to get things done…

Let the adventure begin! 🙂