Project no1… as of importance, my veil

So my veil… I’m really proud of it. I thought it would take ages, but I got ready with it reasonably fast.

What took the most time was to determine the actual shape I wanted. A lot of pinning, then repining, then repinning again. I used the same lace edge that was on my dress. I had about 4 meters to play with.I had enough tulle for double layer cathedral length veil, but I only wanted a single layer tip-length, aka, ending just under my bum. Once I was ready with the shape and length, with the lace still pinned on, I basted around with a green thread (only one half, as I wanted it symmetrical, so I just folded it and after removing the lace pinned the two halves together). Then came the scissors and the no way back. I left a tiny piece of material on at the middle on top as well as the bottom, just to help me navigate. I didn’t want puff on my head, but needed a tiny gathering none the less (the amount between the pins-arrows).

On the photo there is a clear comb, but I ended up using a brown colored one, which was also much flatter and so kept the lace closer to my head. In any case, I wrapped a thin piece of tulle around the comb in every gap and made a double not at each end. Don’t have a photo of it, but the next step was to sew the veil to the comb.

And then came the lace. Mine was quite wide, so I spent some time adjusting it to the curve, fiddling with the pattern to make it lay nicely. Miraculously, I managed to pin it so (starting from the top) that the pattern overlap exactly in the middle on the bottom. You couldn’t tell where it starts and where it ends šŸ™‚

Sewing the lace on was relatively easy. I sew from the bottom up, doing a short section on the left then on the right, then on the left again, etc. I did pay attention to keeping my stitches inside the pattern, as the yellow arrows show, unlike the orange arrows. You wouldn’t really be able to see, but I wanted it to be perfect šŸ˜‰

If you have a little time, you should really do your veil, it’s a great feeling… Something to pass on to my daughter.

And this is how it looked in action:


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