Papers – fancy, tissue, legal!

Thanks heaven! Only one step left… this process really takes all the romance out of getting married!

So, this is what we went through (it wasn’t always very clearly communicated, and the Finnish system is lot more helpful than the Hungarian…).

At first, the usual way seemed quite complicated, but we managed to find another, less time-consuming one (I did spend a lot of time online, however, to figure out all the steps and the most cost-effective options):

1. Get information about your marital status from the registry in Hungary (Hatósági bizonyítvány – okmányiroda / 3500HUF)

2. Get an apostille to go with the 1., you have to request it in person (Ministry of Foreign Affairs / 5500HUF + travelling costs)

3. Get 1. and 2. to Finland (postal costs/flight costs)

4. Get 1. translated by official translator in Finland (45€ or over) !Note: Finnish office accepts documents in English – but Hungarian office only provides them in Hungarian 😦

5. Get 1., 2. and 4. to Maistraatti.

Now you are registered in the Finnish system as ‘single’ (if you were single).

6. Request impediment check at Maistraatti prior to wedding (form is available online, needs to be presented in person, or witnessed by two / no fee) this is also the time to notify about desired name changes.

Now you are free to marry! Yippee 🙂 And then:

7. Request marriage certificate in English (yeah, you can get it.. and English-Hungarian translation is cheaper than Finnish-Hungarian).

8. Get apostille for 7. (costs – yet unknown).

9. Get 7. and 8. to Hungary.

10. Get 7. officially translated (costs – yet unknown).

11. Get 7. and 8. to Okmányiroda. Then the Hungarian registry is updated.

Now, the next step is not yet figured out, as name change is kind of happening automatically in the Finnish system, but apparently need to request that in person in Hungary. So will I have two different names until I go home? Or is it only for those who live there anyways? Gah…

Somebody please, make this simpler!


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