… the rose that belongs to me

And so… flower, the expression of love, an essential part of every bridal appearance in the form of a bouquet  as well as the decoration.

I love flowers! All colours, shapes and sizes… my favourite flowerbed tho, has to be the one we have in the garden back home where my grandma, my mum and me have planted rose bushes.

Anyhow, its quite a pain to choose something for my bouquet… I feel a bit sorry for cut flowers, I don’t like to see them die, so I mostly have planted ones. Can I carry a pot down the isle?? I was also seriously thinking just making paper ones, like these:

Or nowadays its quite trendy to use vintage brooches:

However, this is not my style at all! I think I would miss the freshness and smell of real flowers. I might end up just collecting something from the meadow on the day! Or… I received a blue hydrangea for women’s day… shall I just snip off a couple flowerheads? If it is in bloom now is it going to be in bloom in 5 months as well?? Isn’t it pretty?

I’m also about to plant some sweat peas (tuoksuherne – lathyrus odoratus), baby’s breath (kesäharso – gypsophila eleg.) and lobelia (lobelia – lobelia erinus) all in white. Also some pompom poppy (pioniunikko – papaver somniferum) in a very light shade of lilac. We’ll see which one turns out the best.

In the meantime, I really got hooked on fabric flowers. If not for the bouquet, I will definitely use them for decoration. I got a few done already. There are a zillion tutorials on the internet. The bigger issue is rather to find the ones that you actually like. The fabrics I used were all remnants and scraps, or old curtains or something similar. What is the afterlife you might ask… 🙂 Well… a future little girl’s dress can always do with a few flowers 😉 or they will adorn other accessories, bags, headbands, etc.

A few more different styles to come, as I managed to get my hand on some more fluid fabric 🙂


One thought on “… the rose that belongs to me

  1. A bolti virágokat azért ültetik, hogy csokor készüljön belőle. A mezőn növők ellenben szabadok, én inkább őket sajnálnám…

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