Back to basic physics

It is quite important that we won’t create much waste as a result of this wedding. This means that we try to also think about the afterlife of all the things we make. Are we going to be able to use them in a different capacity? Is it recyclable/compostable? Would it end up on landfill?

So, as it is going to be a mostly outdoor wedding (fingers crossed!!) we need some sort of lighting for the evening hours. Even though it gets dark quite late, like 10pm or something, lights also help with ambience, creating the mood… and not the least can be perfect background for photos.

Now, being true to the DIY spirit, the lights will also be our creation. What kind of light thou? There are many options. Finns have a very cool thing for winter time called jätkänkynttilä, which is basically a log that is cut down half way in a few segments, filled with some flammable material and then lit.

by Jan-Erik Finnberg

This site has a tutorial as well as showing a new way of utilising this ‘candle’. It looks awesome, no problem with disposing, but might be slightly dangerous when wee girls and boys are running around.

There is a craze about mason jar candle lights – or any glass jar for that matter. It’s pretty simple to make, very cost effective, not wasteful, but doesn’t provide very much light. An example from CasaSugar:

Or another non-hanging option from Pinterest:

If we look further than candles, I really like this idea I found also through Pinterest:

Well, yea, so what does physics have to do with all this? Khm, it seems I have to relearn everything about currents, watt and voltage and stuff. After all, we gonna make our own lighting… you know, using LED diodes, wires, capacitors, resistors, etc, etc, etc 😉

The plan is to create a light curtain using (warm) white LED lights, and hopefully not electrocuting ourselves on the way. For this we popped in to Helsinki Hacklab yesterday. Do I need to mention I was the only female there? Anyways, these hacklabs are quite cool places, there is one probably near you (if not, set one up ;-). They have a 3D printer there among many other gadgets. I don’t want to include any photo of how I imagine our curtain to look, cos we might end up having something totally different, whatever we manage I will be happy with 😀

And what is the afterlife? It will take pride place in front of our window every Chritmas (and be a reminder of what makes a happy marriage ;-))

Happy DIYing!


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