Coral-peach-ocean blue.. tangerine

Have you heard? Apparently this year’s (2012) fashion colour is ‘tangerine tango’. Sounds very.. mm.. hot. Shall I use it for the wedding?


I’ve been checking all sorts of colour palettes lately. There are a zillion beautiful colour combinations, and loads of websites trying to help you find YOUR own. One of such is the Design Seeds. Lovely palettes. If you want to create your own just take a photo that appeals to you in whatever way, then pick the colour selector and click on a few different places on the photo, that is using photoshop, for example. Or, there is the Kuler. You can also play around there, but only with max 5 colours. Like this:

Of course the most popular place for inspiration nowadays is Pinterest, with endless resources!

Yeah, so, I’m not going to use any such thing. I feel a palette is just way too restricting. Our venues (both church and reception) are beautiful without any decor anyways. They are natural and showcase tradition and local characteristics, which I love. I moved here, after all…

That’s not saying there won’t be any decor, which leads to the other point. Since it will be DIY + cost effective, I will work with whatever I find and represents us best. So that’s it. I’m not searching for THE perfect palette, we are creating OUR palette.


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