Come! Welcome!

We have started posting out invitations, so I think I dare to show them here too.

Now, like I said in the other post before, we don’t want to follow schemes and such. There are just way too many things we like to stick with one style. Even if it is just the stationary bits. So, there most likely won’t be any theme going on with regards to invites, order of service, etc… I think the whole thing is a bit of a game for us (or for me at least) having the chance to try out different ways, create freely.

I really like Alisa Burke’s creations using old books, like this one. First I was a bit apprehensive about ‘ruining’ books, things that are quite highly regarded… however, there are quite a few second hand books lying around this household, so I asked H2B if there is one he can spare. It was written in Finnish, which made for some funny (embarrassing?) moments. The story was about a rape-murder case. I have already painted the sheets I wanted to use, so he had to read through to make sure Finnish guests won’t get pages that contain something not so nice or ill-fitting to a wedding…

So, here they are.

I used watercolour, but to write on, it didn’t cover the text enough. Then I remembered I had a tube of white acrylic paint somewhere, so I managed to fix that issue. However, watercolour made the paper somewhat, well, not flat. And I didn’t like that.

H2B suggested I should iron them… Erm, iron? paper? I went and ironed all the sheets… see the difference:

I was pretty pleased. I could start drawing on them 🙂

And then there are the envelopes.


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